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key player in a competitive market

As a leading iGaming performance marketing agency, we target only the right customers to ensure optimal growth. We focus on the 3 most profitable areas of customer acquisition: media buying, publishing and affiliate networks. With our data-driven approach, you will increase the expected lifetime value of each customer and maximize your ROI.

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Media Buying (Paid Search and Paid Social):

Mount Media is one of the leading PPC agencies specializing in the online casino and sportsbook verticals. We use our years of experience in these niches to target the highest value leads for your business. Unlike other media buying agencies, we understand the critical importance of segmenting by customer behaviour, ensuring the right kind of visitor is matched with the right offer. We also focus on customer acquisition via Facebook and have helped several high-profile iGaming clients achieve success from paid social media campaigns. Thanks to our data-driven approach to Paid Search and Paid Social marketing, we can plan our media buying in a highly efficient manner, ensuring the maximum ROI for our clients.


Mount Media owns several leading informational websites and PPC portals which compare online casinos and sportsbooks. These are focused on high intent markets, and when combined with our cutting-edge Media-buying campaigns, your business can dominate these niches.

Affiliate Network:

Mount Media currently works with over 200 third-party traffic providers. We use these to drive high-converting, high-quality leads to our iGaming operator partners. If you want to gain more New Depositing Players with a better retention rate and higher expected lifetime value, then you should talk to us first.